Ableton 11 (2022 Mac M1) only recognizing Vital as AU not VST or VST3

Hey yall, just got a new Mac which means upgrade across all systems.
I re downloaded Vital and upon scanning for vsts, its only loading as an AU and not showing as a vst or vst3 in plug in folder.
In the finder section, where other vsts are stored, it shows the file labeled .vst. Yet no matter how many times I scan it won’t show.

Any help would be appreciated.
All love

We all are awaiting an updated version of Vital which should be VST3 universal binary for intel and ARM(M1,M2) cpus. AU Intel plugins running on M1+ macs are using internal Intel to Silicone translator, hence you can see Vital as Au plugin only. To see Vital in Live 11.1 under VST folder, You’d have to run Live under Rosetta 2 mode.


I appreciate this detailed response. Thank you.