Ability to Copy LFO & Envelopes

Hi Guys, having used your excellent synthesizer for the day, I thought, why not copy LFO envelopes to other LFOs?


copy & paste don’t work ?

i think hes talking about copying the whole LFO with all the settings, which cant be done. If you wanna just copy the shape, thats possible

no I meant only the envelope drawing, not all the parameters,at the moment I have only one parameter (Disconnect From, e.t.c) 55

You should be able to copy and paste the LFO shape by using the context menu (right click on the shape).

Matt will working on it or similar copy stuff maybe also on LFO

Yeah, but you can’t copy Envelopes so far as I can tell. I’d be grateful if somebody proved me wrong.

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+1 It would be really nice to be able to copy any aspect of envelopes, and in general, it would be nice to be able to copy all of the settings rather than just the curves. I sometimes have two envelopes that need to be in pretty tight synchronization, minus a few small tweaks, and it’s pretty difficult to make an adjustment to one and then go manually update all of the points in the other one.

+1 from me on copy & paste. This is such a time saver in Sylenth.

+1 I’ve just started using Vital. Having used other plugins such as Sylenth1, Sytrus, etc that allow copying envelopes, I miss this feature. The reason to copy an envelope is simple: You want to use an existing envelope as a starting point, and then make changes to it.