Ability to automate LFO points

Would be amazing imo.



is LFO/Envelope Point Modulation a viable future capability release?

I’m pretty surprised this does not get more support / likes. Modulating LFO points is the nearly the only reason why I keep using Serum that much - once you’ve started playing with this, you can’t go back, and how much I love Vital… I happen missing that specific ability to have wave shapes bounce now and then in specific spots.


Any updates on this? hoped it will come with new versions, perhaps it’s abandoned

This is really strange such a few users request that. This is crucial feature for a pro control.

maybe the most immediate way to accomplish this would probably be if LFOs had the same engine as the wavetable oscillator, with animation keyframes and a LFO position control. the LFOs may as well use the same engine as the main oscillators which would allow you to use them to load wavetables, samples, or use them to freehand draw LFOs or oscillators, as needed.

the ability to use one of the oscillators as an LFO to modulate anything, thus doing away with the need for a special FM mode. just send the output of an oscillator to the phase of any other oscillator, with rate control. or use a wavetable as an LFO for any other targeting (again with rate control). In other words, the Oscillator engine and the LFO engine could both be identical but with added functions such as sampler mode, and instead of having a dedicated sample player, remove that and add a fourth oscillator.


This definitely needs to be a thing. I can’t count the number of times I’ve held a modulator over a point on the LFO, longingly wishing it would stick and work…

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I need this so baddly. Im trying to make a DNB Jump Up screech base where Env 2 manipulates the y axis of an lfo. It is one thing that Vital lacks and I dont get why.