A new note plays on note off, similar to stuck keys

I love Vital, but I’ve had an issue with it from the start which I had hoped would be addressed in an update, but I’m using 1.5.5 and I haven’t seen updates in quite a while.

The issue seems to be if two keys are pressed very closely to each other in time. Then every time you press another note, as you release the key, another note sounds. It’s quite a weird doubling up effect.

I’ve experienced the issue with downloaded presets and presets I’ve made. They all play fine at the start, but then sometimes this behavior will appear. Pressing notes until you find the one will fix it, but it’s a massive flow killer when you’re trying to create a melody for example.

I thought it was just in Cubase at first, but then I started using Ableton Live as well and it also happens with that. It doesn’t happen with any of my other synths.

Is this already being looked at?

Thanks :slight_smile:


If one, try another.

I had intended to include that, but completely forgot.

Using VST3. I can try installing VST2 for troubleshooting, but it won’t be an option going forward as I use Cubase and where possible have removed all VST2 plugins. OS is Win10. Clap isn’t supported by either DAW yet from my understanding.

I’ve had stuck midi notes myself. Good if you can see if the VST2 does it.

Somehow I don’t remember having those with sequencer playback, only when playing live.

I’ve never had it sequenced, but only live too. I’ll install VST2 shortly and let you know how it goes.

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