A longer delay time

please may I have a longer delay time?

I like to ponce about with looping experiments. I know I can use a plugin when I’m in the DAW but when I’m lolling around and sketching in the standalone, I seem to be limited to a measly 4 seconds

I was going to comment that you can break knob limits with macros (you can, by the way, if you map a macro or LFO to a knob that is at max and extend the range, you will push it past that range in many cases) but apparently the 4 second delay line limit is actually hard-coded into Vital and isn’t simply a GUI quirk.

e.g. set your delay to tempo-synced at 8 bars (8/1) and drag your DAW down to like, 10BPM, and play a brief note. After 4 seconds the first delay tap will occur, even though that’s technically only a quarter note or so. It doesn’t seem like Vital is capable of processing a slower delay even IF the synth says it’s processing a slower delay. I wonder if there’s a maximum buffer size it uses or something.


it’s not a big deal, as Valhalla/Sandman plugins will give me lots of time in the DAW, I just fancied something longer when using the standalone. Maybe it would be easier to allow plugins in the standalone, and perhaps therefore, that would be a better request