A list of simple feature requests and changes for Vital

In order of smaller to larger changes. I really hope Matt considers these :slight_smile:

Feature requests:

  • Open an unsaved changes dialogue box if you try to open a new preset or close the standalone Vital application.
  • Automatically opens the file browser in the last location you’ve selected files in. I’ve seen other VSTs do this.
  • Description text boxes when you highlight options for a couple seconds, such as on the sampler buttons, bottom right parameters, random 1 and 2 style options, wavetable editor options, etc.
  • Right click a preset to set it as the default preset - not to be confused with the init preset. Mostly for template style presets. Right click folders to randomly select one of the presets as the default preset each time you open Vital.
  • Undo and redo shortcuts when the program is selected. Like this, it doesn’t control the DAW and others already have it.
  • Selecting the effect on/off switch on the left resets them to the default configuration.
  • Start and end selections for the sampler. Just click and drag on the waveform to select start and end times. Very useful for samples that end or start too early or looping a specific selection.
  • Brush option for interpolation between different points so you can draw in a desired shape for an LFO.
  • Group LFO and envelope point editing by selecting all of them.
  • Presets for effects
  • Saturate option in the distort effect. Maybe also a quantize and/or overdrive option.
  • Parameter to reverse and speed up playing of your sound for tape stop effects, slow or fast motion, dynamic movement of time through an LFO, etc.

You can edit all the points on an lfo by, I think, selecting one and then holding either ctrl or alt.

Oh, cool :slight_smile:

double click on a portion where you want to add a point and start dragging to make the required adjustment.( it only applies to the LFO’s, not the ADSR type envelopes or filters etc, )