A generative patch

I can make more if there is a demand but it would be nice with a few updates to vital if we had envelopes and other lfos that could be triggered by lfos. (is that already available?)

Generative A.vital (277.8 KB)
Generative B.vital (277.9 KB)
Generative C.vital (278.1 KB)

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these are all awesome, please make more generative stuff and share it!

yes, there needs to be a trigger module that can be used to initiate an envelope event, and also nice would be perhaps a step sequencer mode in the LFO type submenu that has the power to trigger midi note events internally.

also, a latch or hold button would be nice so that played notes are held indefinitely until they are released. for the latch mode, i refer to VST-Host by Hermann Seib in which a right click on the virtual keyboard will hold a note indefinitely until it is right clicked again. this will allow generative stuff on the standalone without needing to put a weight on a midi controller key.

Bitwig studio has all sorts of midi fx including latch if that helps.

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