A Few Presets I Made

AfterGlow Morning 2.vital (278.5 KB) AfterGlow Morning.vital (278.4 KB) Electric Piano (Mod Wheel).vital (187.6 KB) GaymeBoi 2.vital (256.4 KB) GaymeBoi.vital (256.4 KB) Organ Wave .vital (1.0 MB) Organ Wave 2.vital (1.0 MB) Schizoid Pad.vital (1.9 MB) Simple Electric Piano.vital (187.2 KB)

This synth is so fun to play around with <3


About to try them out.

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Thank you!!

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I’ve been compiling presets uploaded to the #presets channel on Discord. The link to the zip files is https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bj8RypH3cA6_jyfR3d95rk_3GvVPKrJy?usp=sharing
If you have no objections, I could add these presets to the archives.


Oh nice :smiley: I’ma download them real quick!

Thanks @carl.caulkett — there’s quite a few there. I’m making a bank of my favourites from them.

You can add these if you like offmeta-vital-presets.zip (2.8 MB)


Thanks! I’ll check these out <3

huge shoutout and big thanks for collecting all of those presets posted in this forum.
you make it very easy to download them all.

I’m just in the process of reorganising the files with better date-based filenames for improved sorting (YYYY-MM-DD). Have a check back in about five^H^H^H^H fifteen minutes :wink:

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Files should be back up at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bj8RypH3cA6_jyfR3d95rk_3GvVPKrJy?usp=sharing.


So thanks!