A few feature requests

Forgive me if any of these features are already present as I’m still quite new to the synth, I don’t think any of these features are there though.

  1. Ability to trim sample directly in sample section
  2. Ability to loop certain section of sample in sample window but play first bit of sample on every midi note before the loop selection before it starts looping
  3. Option for osc 1, 2 & 3 phase position to restart on every note (say phase is set to 0 degrees it goes back to 0 on every note) without having to use matrix, just an option under advanced tab
  4. Add sample retrigger under sample section in mod matrix
  5. Ability to modulate either the sample selection or preset selection with an lfo (skipping to next sample/ preset in list and back to original sample again every 8 bars for example)

Nr 5. Is not really possible, as it takes some time to load a preset, so you would get dropouts and/or clicks…

But sometimes a note is not always playing, so you could set it up so it switches inbetween notes? As long as there isn’t any latency introduced it would be fine.

Understandable not wanting to do it though as people would call it a bug…

Exactly. Also how to decide when no note is playing? What to do when you have a long release, or reverb on a patch. This feature would just ask for trouble :wink:

I was thinking just an LFO, which would be independent of notes? It would always cycle at the same rate. Set it to square and its a simple A/B switch. And yeah obviously would have to be on a sound without long release or reverb. :money_mouth_face: Indeed very possibly would be more trouble than it’s worth for you guys.

Also regarding the loop sample selection feature request, may be obvious but forgot to add the option to turn on and off ‘pre-play’ before looping! Would be very useful.

I may have missed this if it already exists, but for preset management it would be nice to see which folders presets come from in the preset browser.
For example I have two presets flagged as favourites from the same developer with the same name.

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