A distinct lack of presets?

Just signed up for the monthly billed Vital option. However, after installing on my Mac, I’m only seeing a paltry 200 presets … Is this correct ?

The subscription for Vital works a little differently than other developers.

For other companies you subscribe and gain access to a lot, but if you cancel you lose access to everything.

For Vital you don’t get access to everything all at once. Instead the $5/month can be used to buy more packs or be used toward upgrading to Plus/Pro (which have more presets). If you cancel, you don’t lose access to any content. The benefit to having the subscription (instead of buying things outright) is there are some extra preset packs that you get for free as a subscriber.

So for example, say you subbed for 3 months, you can use the $15 you spent on those 3 months to upgrade to Pro for $65 instead of $80.


Thanks for the info.

I think that’s a very cool way of doing it.

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