A couple suggestions

Hi :wink: I’ve been using Vital for quite a while and throughout that time I’ve managed to note few ideas on how to make this synth better. I also recorded a video (here is the link) to better explain what I had on my mind - sorry for mispronauciations and shit but I easily get stressed in this kind of situations :smiley: Most important ones are:

  1. I really like how the “Stereo” knob on the LFO’s is widening the sounds. However it’s not very useful when you’re using presets like “Banana Wob” from Vital stock library - as it’s name says it’s a wob type preset. When macro called “WOB” is set to 0 a preset is not making any sound, but as soon as you start to increase “WOB” value you’re instantly getting a nice wob. Ofc you could modulate the “WOB” macro with LFO and tweak it’s “Stereo” knob to get wider sound but it’s better to modulate it (the “WOB” knob) with DAW automation - this way you can get more complex rythms and adding variation to the different sections of the song is easier then. With that being said, it’d be nice if users could draw separate mod curves for the left and right channel for each modulation source (including macros). Or you could at least give us more controll over already existing in the Vital’s martix tab “Stereo” button (represented by headphones icon) - by changing it into a knob.

  2. More advanced effects tab would be appreciated - routing each oscilator into different FX chain (or a single oscilator into couple of different chains) is something that every pretending “Serum killer” should have. Loading a couple instances of the same FX into a single chain (for example 3 eq instances, or 2 filter instances) is also a must have.

  3. For now, each of the EQ bands can be set to one of two filter types. Why don’t you gives us an option to set filter type of band 1 and 3 to bell or notch filter? ON/OFF button for each band would be nice as well.

  4. I’ve seen that people already requested this feature - possibility of setting macro’s default value. For now, each of the macro knobs is being set to 0 after double clicking it. It’d be nice if user could choose that he wants the macro to go back to the value different than 0. Adding this feature to every knob inside Vital is pointless and could cause bugs but for macros it’d be very useful.

  5. FMing sample with oscilators would be nice.

  6. Make it possible to load a multisamples into sampler engine.

  7. Using a couple of unisono voices with random phase distribution can be nice to add thickness and width to a sound but it comes with cost - each time you hit the key, you’re getting bit different sound. This is why more advanced options of unisono phase distribution are needed. For example - you could add a button which would randomize each voice’s phase after clicking it. This way user could click this button a couple of times to get nice, randomized phase distribution and at the same time get identical sound after each key hit. I’d call it the controlled randomization.

  8. When playing chords it would be nice to have an option to trigger different oscilators with different notes. For example OSC1 could play only the highest note of the chord, OSC2 could play all of the chord notes and OSC3 could play only the lowest notes.


i really like 2, 5 and 8.

  1. I kinda like the idea of multiple instances of FX, there have been a couple of times when I wish I could add multiple distortion types.
  2. More flexibility in the EQ would be nice. I’ve sometimes felt like I could do with some extra bands too.
  3. Sounds useful. Having presets for macros would also be cool (like in Ableton Live’s instrument racks).

Some nice suggestions. Highest feature request on my list though is CPU optimizations.

I have tested Serum again in Logic today and the thread monitor I see it is able to spread its load over multiple threads whereas Vital just dumps it all on 1 thread, thus causing CPU overload more quickly.

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all seems fine with me , did have this problem with wiggle !

isnt music generating single threaded anyways? i mean you cant render audio in pararel because it need to be synced so it will have to wait for second thread anyways thats what i think