A couple of patches (and a discussion on patch filesize)

I can confirm that your presets work in the free version. :+1:

All I did was place them in this folder structure (I’m on a mac): user/Music/Vital/Andrew A Vital Forum/Presets/ <-- .vital files in here

I needed to relaunch Vital but they were there in the preset browser in your own folder.


Hi @O.F.F.M.E.T.A - that’s great to hear. Thanks for letting me know.
FYI, I think there’s an option to load presets from the menu - not yet tried it though.

Wow! Big file sizes. But thanks for sharing.

Normally presets take up about 2 or 3kbs via SySex.

My thinking is say after a few hundred patches it starts to take up a lot of room on HD.

Must be showing my age. :joy:

@Tytel maybe patch size could be addressed for future update??

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I noticed this aswell. I made 50 presets so far and already 25Mb. Doesnt seem like alot first, but when you have 5000 presets its gonna be 2.5GB which is…alot alot. :laughing:

Another “bread and butter” type sound
Analogish brass.vital (160.7 KB)


Well, the wavetables are saved in the patch, that explains the filesize. You can even save the wavetable to your folder, if you like. Also the sampled noise-source is stored there.
So, I don’t think there’s much headroom for reducing the filesize of patches.


Yes that would explain why large size…,but is it necessary??

    • Some ideas - -

I guess useful if you already (new user) doesn’t have the existing wavetable, but pain if it just adds up to duplication or triple etc… seems a waste of disk space.

Would it be possible once you place the patch into the preset folder for it to detect if the same wavetable already exists and over writing the old table with the new ??

Would this cause problems ??

Beer Mullet.vital (1.1 MB) Cicada Lead.vital (1.9 MB) Drunken Cicada Lead.vital (1.9 MB)


So since the wavetable is saved into the patch, that would imply that you can use presets even if you don’t already have that wavetable? I was thinking about sharing some presets, but a lot of them have wavetables from massive.

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@buchenberger they sound great :grinning:

For example the developer of Serum posted at KVR, that his wavetables contain a flag signalling that it is a factory wavetable and therefore does not need embedding. But since the number of wavetable in the basic version of Vital is so small, that wouldn’t help much.
Another idea could be, taking inspiration from Reason, having an “export patch” function, which only embeds the wavetable and noise sample in patches meant for sharing. But Reason has also a lot of DRM going on, and I’m not certain Vital’s dev wants that.

I couldn’t load that patch in Vital, due to it being created in a newer version of Vital. Did you update inbetween making those patches? And if yes, how? Although “check for updates” is activated, my version of VItal didn’t update itself. And when I redownloaded the installer, it was exactly the same file as previously.

@SeBaer for the me, the check updates / auto update hasn’t been triggered since I installed 1.0 and I’m now on 1.0.3.

I have updated manually. I’ve gone to my account page, clicked on more downloads to see what the latest version is and downloaded the latest release.

For me it shows only one download without any version information. But I’m only on the free version. So I don’t know if that explains the problem…

@SeBaer you don’t see the “all downloads” link?

I only click that to see the version number of the latest download. I had assumed that the version presented on my account page would be the latest.

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Thanks @andrew_a, redownloading and installing over the old version seemed to do the trick. Although neither the download page, nor the downloaded installler indicated any version number. It only appears in Vitals info page.
So, here are my first two…
Trance Supersaw.vital (170.8 KB)
Rhodes-like.vital (256.8 KB) this one has a custom wavetable I created.


Glad you got it sorted @SeBaer. Looking forward to listening to your patches.

Hi friends and many thanks for your share free preset vital synth. I have a tested on free version vital and work perfect. Best regards from Naples ( Italy) :grinning:


Future preset packs are going to be very spacey in sizes, and right now it seems like the preset file saves all of the wavetables despite the hard drive already containing them.

For those of you on Windows, you’ll need to create a folder like Community\Presets in your Documents\Vital folder. The “Presets” bit is the important part as Vital seem to use that naming convention to locate presets. Like so:


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