A couple of patches (and a discussion on patch filesize)

For those of you on Windows, you’ll need to create a folder like Community\Presets in your Documents\Vital folder. The “Presets” bit is the important part as Vital seem to use that naming convention to locate presets. Like so:


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That Rhodes-like patch has some heft!

Was watching your Trance Supersaw patch in action and just now realized there was a phase modulation slider on the bottom. Mind exploded.

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Have you checkes this patch of mine?

I went a little crazy on the modulation…

I’m gonna check this out. i love the silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha thats cool af, and now i know a new word if i ever make my way to Germany!

I ended up with 56 modulations before I couldn’t find another that benefitted the sound. So I still have no clue what the max modulation is

That’s even crazier!

Same here, needed to upload manually. Actually I found out that there was new version when I tried to open some preset that was made with newer version :smiley:

Another patch. Sounds like an 8bit computer game. Mod wheel controls the speed of the “climb”.
Mario climbs the stairs.vital (273.1 KB)


Hi folks :beers: PanFlute.vital (2.7 MB) Don’t forget about the wheels.

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Careful with that mod wheel, Eugene. Robot Thinks of Murder.vital (1.7 MB)

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Very nice!

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@snfk max slots is 64

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@buchenberger thanks for the tip!

woblaB1.vital (170.9 KB)

Hi guys. One Bass preset.

Would really LOVE to get the file sizes smaller :+1::drooling_face:

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