A cheers to Matt and the Vital release

As Vital hits public today, can’t help but notice the flood of this and that issue.
It’s normal and to be expected, but can none the less still feel a bit overwhelming.

So here’s a thread just to say cheers to Matt and any else that may have kicked in on the dev and prior testing. A double cheers for offering such an in depth architecture freely.
And a note that a flood of issues means a flood of attraction for an attractive architecture.

Such all said, for our own user ends, do note issues but grant patience AND reminder to check to make sure your issue isn’t already being covered before possibly posting it again.


Hear hear! Congrats Matt on the great release.

Having purchased many synths (cough: massive X), and tried several free ones that disappointed, this is an outstanding first day release.

Within just a few minutes, I was designing sounds, adding modulations, using the draw-in and preset LFO shapes, etc. I almost looked for a “resize UI” feature (4k monitor) and then tried drag-resizing the window - it all just works!

I’m sure there will be bugs to solve, as with any new release, but wanted to share a huge kudos to Matt & any other devs who contributed. Vital is fantastic!

Now to decide on plus vs pro :slight_smile:


I actually had no problems purchasing the pro version and getting set up except for the paypal issue where the transaction somehow aborts quietly after hitting the “Pay Now” button.

Vital is running fine for me in Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 (!) / Renoise and I got all the presets.

I imagine it to be overwhelming to receive so many questions and complaints and I hope it’s not too stressful. I also hope for it to be a financial succes - fingers crossed.

For me it will surely take some time to explore all the nooks and crannys of the synth, that is where the fun is anyways.

I also Thank you for being who you are and what you do, very cool.

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Yup. Gratz Matt on a smooth release.
I got straight to the load page,downloaded no problem and I’m now happily Vital’ing.
Great work. :vulcan_salute:


It’s out in the wild … Now let it roam free! … a few teething problems are to be expected … remedies are on their way (spare medkit anyone?) :wink: :+1:


Oh my god yes!

Thanks so much to Matt and the Vital team (or is it literally just Matt??).

But yes. I just cracked open Vital and I think within about 10 minutes it has become my go-to synthesiser! On about 3 occasions I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if it did…” and within 2 seconds I had found the feature I was looking for. It speaks to the design of the user interface. It’s the best.

Thanks so much. I love it.