A bunch of feature requests and ideas, plus a small performance and a "generative" patch

Hello, first of all, thank you very much for the synth, I’m really loving it, been finding out more and more every day programming it, it is turning out to be one of the most inspiring instruments I put my hands on. It has a few uncommon features which put even most modular plugins to shame.

After a bit of programming I made this, it’s not really my typical cup of tea as far as music making goes, but I was seeing lots of people doing psytrancey stuff with Vital and it seemed like a good application of the most unusual features of Vital

and here’s the patch I played it on
GlassyPsyquence.vital (1.7 MB)

Now… I really like it, (I said it quite a bunch of times, but I really care saying how much I like it) yet there are a few things I’d like seeing in the future.

1st of them all, even though it’s really minor, a more “handy” way of selecting rows in the modmatrix; in order to have on screen the modmapping relative to a specific modulation, I need to have it selected, for that to happen, I apparently have to change some parameter with that modulation… it’s not an obstacle really, yet it would make working in the modmatrix a much smoother experience.

2nd, it would be great if audio routing had a few more options, and if there was some better way of handling “internal” mixing; I can choose where to send oscillators, and I can route a filter to the other, but once something enters a filter, it will either go to the other filter, or be sent to the effects… ALL of them. The internal routing interface seems borderlining redundant, as oscs and the smp have a way to choose their destinations, and filters have a control for choosing their inputs, so I think there must be room to make it a bit more streamlined and flexible. Also, and I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest it, a post filter volume control would be really nice to have.
staying kind of “on topic” as this I think would be a bit more complicated to address… effects, they’re a single destination, ALL of them. I can send something out of the synth, but the fx bus is one and one only, immutably serial… Now, it’s quite clear that this isn’t such a crippling feature, as I could use several instances to get things the way I want them, but not really always, especially if I want to make use of the internal modulations and I make sounds interact with each other, and some slightly more flexible FX routing would make a world of difference… It isn’t something that exotic I think, even for a synth that doesn’t strive to be a modular or “modular like” instrument.

3rd MOAR filters. I think those filters are quite cool, and I also try, as much as I can to really make use of the oscillators capabilities, as using vital as an east coast like virtual analog is imho kinda ridiculous, yet… well, the use of “exotic” filtering seem to be very dominant in the sound design workflow of many, I think it might do great for the popularity of the synth. As far as I’m concerned, I’d be very happy with more variations on the comb filters; I really like using them for “physical modeling” like sounds, I particularly love the ones in Zebra, I’m quite liking these in Vital, but having more options, like you know… dissonant combs with morphable delay time, or things like that would be a very nice addition to the arsenal.

4th: LFO and env amplitudes. I would like to have a chance for example to scale an envelope or an LFO with velocity or keytracking; I can do it… but in order to do so, I’ll have to use one extra modmatrix slot for every parameter that modulator is modulating, which brings to the next point

5th I know… I know… 64 slots in a modmatrix should be enough for anyone right? Well… for finished patches, I already happened to be hitting the roof or so, especially because of the aforementioned issue… can anything be done about it?

Then again, thanks, this is a wonderful instrument, even as it is right now, I really have nothing to “complain” as perfection for everybody doesn’t really exist.
Happy holidays and a lovely new year to everyone BTW :slight_smile:

vergiss nicht das große ganze und dass es für jeden funktionieren sollte @platipo , ich würde sagen der vital ist “abgeschmeckt” und in aller munde wie man bei uns sagt… damit meine ich, dass echt viel geht, gerade was “logik loops” und deren resonanzen angeht … aber darum geht es bei der maschine glaube ich garnicht, sondern darum ein " EI :egg: " zu bauen. das ist die hohe kunst und verdient nicht zuletzt höchsten respekt!!! weisst du was ich meine? grüße marc

I wish I could understand German and respond, unfortunately that is not the case.

Short therm is, an egg is everything but IT dosnt include IT!

Uhm… I still don’t thoroughly understand how this is related to the post, can you clarify a little?

In the mod matrix itself, click on an empty space on the modulation you wanna remap. As simple as that. If the issue is more of being able to select according to the mod source/destination, just click on ‘Source’ or ‘Destination’ in the top to sort it that way. A second click on the same title would reverse the sort order.