70 Presets just for you C:

Link to Drive

Hey everyone, back with another pack of presets ^^ I stream me making them on Twitch everyday, so come say hi :smiley: (If this counts as self promo just msg me I’ll reupload to take it out!)

Link to stream

~ 3 Bells
~ 11 Basses
~ 6 Experiments
~ 11 Guitars
~ 7 Keys
~ 14 Leads
~ 6 Pads
~ 4 Plucks
~ 8 Vocals


Huge thanks man :slight_smile: great sounds. Please make more!

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Thank you!! You can find all of my presets on my website here!

I’m slowing down a bit as I’m also trying to work on an upcoming album ^^


Thanks a lot for sharing all these presets !

I can’t but wonder, why did you pack those in a RAR instead of exporting the whole as a Vitalbank?

Thanks for the Presets!! :sunglasses: