2nd Osc makes different sound

I was using an initialized preset (1 osc, init sound shape), and then when I add the same second osc, it makes different sounds every time I hit the same note. I don’t understand why this only happens when there are two oscillators. I want to upload vital file, but I am a new user, so sadly I can’t upload it. It literally just “initialize preset” with the second osc turned on, and it makes different sound everytime by itself.

the random phase knob is standard set to 100%. Make sure to change that if you want the same phase everytime you play a note (random phase set to 0 = start the same everytime)

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Oh…that was the case…I didnt know it means random phase percent. Thank you very much

Good advice would be to read some books/online stuff about synthesis which would explain many little things that you can encounter while using any VA.