260+ Electroacoustic Patches - 2 Vital Banks🌷

Hi there! I have 2 preset banks that I have made over the past few years, that I’d like to share here.

“Wilieu’s Weird Whatevers”

This bank is completely free, featuring something over 100 patches for anyone to use - The above video shows them all off briefly.
Download via Google Drive here!

“Aural Mush”

This 160 preset pack is far more in depth and contains a lot more presets with even more macros for manipulation. Again, the theme is electroacoustic music.
The above video shows off all 160 patches and all their macros, this time going a lot more in depth with each sound to properly show them. The video is separated by time stamps so you can skim through basses to experiments, etc.

The pack is available for download for 1$ on my Patreon!
Link to download on the Patreon page.
This is the first time I have charged for sound-design patches but I feel it has the quality to back it up. Would love some judgement on either of these packs.

Vital has for a long time now been my synth of choice in all my work, both for its versatility and the speed at which I can create patches thanks to its great UI.
Thank you! :heartpulse:

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thanks, checking out your free presets; and will probably get your one dollar one too. appreciate it
Am working on a new depeche mode cyberpunk cover, kinda in the style of Kloud; will come in handy.



Wow, I love how earthy they feel! :raised_hands:t5: Can’t believe I’m just discovering you. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

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Thank you so much for the support! Id be very curious to hear how you use the patches in your cover, should it all go well!

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The patches feeling tactile is always a common theme!
I love making sounds that you feel as though you could touch.
Thank you for the sweet and supporting words :slight_smile:

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