2 or more LFOs/Env to the same destination, any way to make them in order instead of paralell?

Hello there peepz, is there any way of making 2 or more LFOs/Env to the same destination, in order instead of parallel, meaning one ends after the other one is ‘triggered’ say with a Lift on the second one or even with delay, but the result i’m getting the first one still continues, can’t make it to stop once the second one kicks in.

Thanks in advance. xx

With a double period square wave LFO
Alternately switch the amount of the other two LFOs

Ensure your LFOs are in Env mode when using delay to get the things to happen sequentially.

As panasony mentions, you could also use a third LFO to effect the modulation amount of your sources, thereby controlling the order.

My other suggestions are to try doing the same perhaps by messing in the Mod matrix shapes as well.
Or designing an LFO then you map it’s phase to another LFO to get the desired outcome.

Not sure if this helps but hopefully some ideas!

Thanks for your replies! Yes, I solved it with the delay time