2 easy implementations that would 10x the usage!


I love Vital, and basically use it in all my productions. What I keep struggling with and missing are 2 things.

  1. The FX in the plugins are so good BUT I really need to be able to insert more of the same FX. Especially when e.g. the FX EQ is SO limited with 3 bands, it would be AMAZING to be able to add pre post filters, EQ’s etc.

  2. If the amazing FX could be made into a FX plugin it would add even more value, so it is possible to use on all other synths!

I would without a blink pay a good amount of money, if this was the option!

Thanks for everything you do for the community! Hope to see something like above, and maybe some other revolutionizing shit in the future :blush::metal:t2:


these have already been requested, so you’re not alone. the FX ought to not be fixed, should be an empty chain with a selector. and all that’s needed for FX use is audio input and the freedom to route that like it’s a control signal in the matrix.