2 bugs (LFO 3 resetting and freezing)

order of severity:

Most annoying: LFO 3 frequency keeps resetting to ‘Freeze’ rather than what I have it set to (example. 1/2), not sure what the trigger is but it keeps happening after I play, pause, stop playing the song im working on

Less annoying: It takes about 10 minuites to load when I search something or click on a category I want (this is probably my computer being bad but who knows, its an i5-3470 for those wondering). i can deal with this one for the most part but the first one im having major issues with. all help appreciated thanks

My internet computer is an i5 3470. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to load Vital and clicking on a category only takes about 20 seconds and only the first time I select a category. After that it’s instant but I do have an SSD. You might have more patches installed so it takes longer for Vital to index them.

As for LFO 3, right click on the frequency window and select “Clear Midi Assignment”.


Yeah what teksonik said about clearing midi assignment will probably fix the LFO issue.

For the browser lag, I’ve noticed this on some operating systems when reading some of the meta data from disk is slow. I put a cache in for the next version that will save the meta data across opening and closing Vital.

thats probably true cuz i have lots of them lol, anyway cheers you legends @Tytel @teksonik

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sorry for long response i was on holiday, busy with other things and i forgot about this but it doesnt work sadly

You might be automating it then

no im not, it happens every single project, if that were true i would be a massive idiot lol