170 presets[Free+Premium] Direct Download]

Download - https://www.whatistrapmusic.com/free-vital-presets


Thx for the presets!!! :smile:

Are the presets royalty free?

Yeah…Everything in the folder is Royalty free. :slight_smile:

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Thx a ton mate :smile:!

Unfortunately, your link does not work.
Are you going to restore it?
Thanks if yes!
the best year 2021 possible for you and your loved ones!!

Fixed now mate, Apologies for the trouble.

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Thank you ANNMS for your “repair”.
Can you please tell me where exactly should I place your “.rar” file?
All the best and Happy New Year!!

You have to extract the files using winrar or a similar extraction tool, You can find them on google for free. Then simply put the vital presets in your user folder.

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It’s done;
Thank you very much for your gift and your kindness.
I extracted everything -:slight_smile:
I end up with 42 presets from the “free Patch” folder, plus 18 samples (noise.wave), plus 23 Vital Synthwave, which makes a total of 83 presets.
Is the account good?
Because I can’t find your 170 presets.
Once again, a very happy new year 2021

You downloaded a different soundbank, but no worries. Download from here, on the page. There is a direct link. :slight_smile: https://www.whatistrapmusic.com/free-vital-presets

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Great Job!
All the best!

many thanks