10 Ways to use Vital

Vital will become the most used synth in the industry soon I think, and I already love it!:heart:.

Here’s how to use Vital in 10 ways by Venus Theory

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Really cool to see you posting not only on Youtube, but on the Forum as well to contribute to the community. Had my eye on this synth as I think this is the potential future of having one VST that does it all for your software synths.

Thanks so much, Tytel, for your contributions with Helm, and now Vital. I used Helm a few times but stuck with Serum, Massive, and Sylenth to learn the basics of sound design since most tutorials were made there. Now, with experience, I can understand all the visuals and possibly contribute drawing ideas to expand upon Vital’s growth, if you ever have the ability to hear people’s feedback and ideas!


Awesome video.
Just one point, you mention similarities to other synths, but you didn’t mention Vengeance VPS Avenger, very very similar.