+1 Oscillator (4th Oscillator)

I’m wondering if adding another oscillator (4th) into the VST would be nice.

No Offense I would love to have an additional Oscillator for more room for more creativity, especially we people would love to see this feature added to this plugin.

I need your Opinions (if its great to add another one or more Oscillators or Nah?)… Thx :slight_smile:

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This is gr8 idea ! I had been wondering if a second layer like Electra 2 or rapid could added ,would be a top addition its would be nice you would be able to add different filters that i love on Vital . Really loving the spectral page, don’t think this had been added last time i tried Vital . The has added so much now Vital is in it own league love the total sound can get very gritty . An addition layer that could inter linked would very nice 6 oscillators would supreme jono