1.5.5 Crash setup when deleting BPM/Voice Amp modulation

Windows 10, Standalone or VST/VST3 in DAW all behave the same

  1. create modulation (through drag/drop or matrix)
  2. retarget it to BPM/Voice Amplitude (both are under Global/ and show up as green instead of purple)
  3. double click delete it (now the crash is set up)
  4. to trigger, do one of the following:
  • retarget another modulation from anything
  • retarget another modulation to anything
  • change tabs
  • click the preset name
  • browse presets
  • other undiscovered methods

crash does not trigger when:

  • manually retargeting the macro to something else before step 3
  • manually retargeting the macro to - before step 3
  • creating or deleting other macros
  • saving preset (it just works normally, bpm is just deleted)
  • loading a preset that was saved after the crash was set up (it behaves as normal)
  • changing the top right visualization between waveform and spectral
  • playing notes
  • etc