[1.5.5, ableton 11, windows] modulation 4 always sets to a very negative value everytime a note is played

this is one of the bugs ive been bothered by with the vital vst and it still hasnt been fixed to this day since i have upgrading thinking that will fix it the bug mentioned is that the modulation number 4 ONLY no matter what you connect it to always sets to its negative value every time a note is played no matter what
i have tried putting more modulations but it seems like only the fourth one is affected


  1. go to ableton live
  2. put vital vst on one track
  3. put 4+ modulations on anywhere you want (via putting a envelope into something)
  4. try to change modulation 4 and play a note
  5. now you spotted it

right click the modulation amount slider a press “clear midi learn”

thank you so much its still weird how modulation 4 always connects itself to the midi lol