1.5.4 flickers on OS 10.13.6

1.5.4 flickers on OS 10.13.6 and is unusable. is there an earlier version 1.5 that works with High Sierra?

There’s an issue with all pre 2012 macs which I’m looking into. Sounds like you might be on one?

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Yes I am on late 2011 mbp, I am using the intel graphics card not the default card. (these mbps came with 2 graphics cards, the AMD Radeon HD 6770M & the Intel HD Graphics 3000)

ya i had the same issues :frowning: stayed on 1.5.3 and dont use the new skins i seem to be ok, but id like to enjoy the new gui to its fullest!

Is there a link to an older version? 1.5.3?

in all downloads in your purchases

I’ve tried all the 1.5 versions, they all flicker.

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Same here.Early 2011, High Sierra , Anything beyond 1.07 is
unusable with the glitching of the interface. Shame ,I have new preset banks that won’t work on 1.07.