1.5.1: CLAP synth UI only fills half the window on HiDPI in Bitwig (macOS)

When using the CLAP version of Vital in Bitwig Studio 4.3 on macOS with a high-DPI monitor, the UI only fills up half of the synth’s window, and the rest of the window is simply blank. Resizing the window with the resize handle or by clicking the plugin scale options works, but the window always continues to be twice the size it should be. The VST3 version works fine and does not have this problem.


Same here M1, Bitwig 4.3.8, Clap Version, Vital 1.5.3

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Hello, is this UI bug being looking at ? Actually I also have it on Surge XT so I don’t think it is Vital…

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I’m experiencing the same issue, Bitwig Studio 5.0 Beta 8 and Vital 1.5.5, CLAP version. Is there a workaround, or a way to download Vital as a VST 3 plugin instead?

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Hello, If you have any weird plugin UI issues with Bitwig…

  1. Find the Bitwig.exe C:\Program Files\Bitwig Studio\4.4.10 (Windows) right click and select properties, compatability tab, select change high DPI settings, high DPI override and set it to scaling performed by application.

  2. Search for the plugin in Bitwig’s browser, right click, untick stretch plugin windows to match DPI, reload Bitwig and then select a suitable scaling factor in the plugin.

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Any tips to accomplish the same thing on Mac?

Vital 1.5.5. Windows 11 22H2. High DPI scaling override. 4k display set at 200%. I get a non responsive truncated interface for VST3i and CLAP. VST is ok. Standalone Vital is ok. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I’m on MacOS and these options are not available. I tried deleting the CLAP version of Vital so I can simply load the VST3, and it works fine. Unfortunately the Vital instruments in all my previous projects with the CLAP plugin loaded are gone too. Weirdly Bitwig doesn’t offer me the possibility to load either the CLAP or the VST3 version, CLAP overrides it apparently.

Hi, sorry do not have access to a MAC to check. I wouldn’t have thought the right click the plugin and untick thing within Bitwig’s browser would be PC specfic…

Reference the not being able to load VST3 over CLAP, it will if you untick these…

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Wow thanks! I just unchecked the first option and everything is OK now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oddly, VST is now toast too. The interface is “truncated” as per posting above and the UI is inaccessible.

Can confirm that this is still an issue