1.5.1, CLAP, MPE, Bitwig

I cannot get MPE support to work in Vital 1.5.1 as CLAP (in Bitwig). My controller is a sensel morph. MPE and CLAP works with Surge XT, and I have working MPE with the VST3 and Vital.

There is sound, but neither pitch bend, pressure or timbre works. (again, only problem with the CLAP version, VST3 or standalone works just fine.)

MPE is enabled in the plugin, and in the DAW.

(It is slightly annoying that the MPE enable button is linked to the preset, and not globally.)

Same issue with me…
I noticed that Bitwig describes the VST3 version as “Synth” and the CLAP version as “Audio FX”. maybe a clue?

Bug confirmed, MPE not working, even VST3

It seems to be the same problem as with the U-He CLAP plugins. It simply does not support expressions. With a generic Keyboard script it works, as that does not translate PB to Expressions…
The UI bug is also annoying - back to VST for the time being…

Every Plug-in Vendor can decide which Clap “Extensions” to support and which not … DAW Vendors started to create their custom extensions proprietary to their DAW. I think we will see lot’s of CLAP “sub standards” and Plugins that are not better in terms of “functionality” than VST2 … or even worse during CLAP is settling, bugs get fixed and areas where the standard leaves things open for interpretation will defined.