1-2 seconds of lag when adjusting any parameter in synth

Hey friends, first post here. I am fairly new to Vital and have been loving it, but I’m experiencing a really annoying bit of lag every time I adjust parameters on the synth. There is a quite literal 2~ seconds of delay from the point when I click any parameter in the synth to when the knob/etc actually starts moving. This happens regardless of whether my DAW is playing anything or not. The lag sometimes improves to .5-1 seconds but after a few clicks immediately comes back.

I absolutely love how fast this synth is to program but these delays make it unusable. Hoping someone can shed light on a possible fix. Thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro M1 Max, 64gb memory & running Ableton & all plugins via Rosetta
MacOS Monterey 12.3.1
Vital version 1.0.7

Welp… after doing some searching, another thread answered my question. This is apparently a known issue with the VST3, but using the VST fixed my problems! Thanks, Vital forum!

Yeah and it should also be fixed in teh next version.