0.00s Attack Isn't Instant, Clicking Noises when Modulating

Let’s say I’ve got a noisy oscillator, and the Spectral Morph is set to Low Pass at 50%. If I put an envelope with an attack and delay of 0.00 and a low decay onto it bringing it down -0.5, the sound won’t start at 0% Low Pass and will instead have an obnoxious click / tick sound, seemingly due to the sound starting 50% and then quickly going down to 0%.

It shouldn’t be producing sound before the envelope hits the max amplitude with its 0.00s attack, so I can only assume this is a bug.

I could use an envelope with a long attack instead of a long decay and start the knob at 0 and modulate it up to 50 but then when the key is released and the envelope reaches the release section, the knob goes back toward 0 instead of staying at 50 like I want. Basically, I just want an attack and infinite sustain that lasts the entire release of a note.

Lowering the attack on the amp envelope doesn’t make it go away, before anyone suggests it. It just makes it quieter at the expense of my transients.

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Are you using envelope 1 to do the modulation? That’s the amplitude envelope so you’ll get a click in the voice if you set that to 0 because of the instantaneous voice amplitude (not the spectral modulation).
If you send envelope 2 to do the modulation and set the delay/attack to 0 of that envelope it should work for you.

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I don’t remember which I used, but trying it again with Envelope 1 set to 0 attack for the amp, and Envelope 2 set to 0 attack for Harm Stretch on the init saw to bring it from the starting position of 1 to the modulation’s max value of -1 I don’t get a click. If do the same modulation to Harm Stretch with Envelope 1 I do get a metallic click, not just a pop from starting a waveform mid-cycle but like Harm Stretch was at 1.0 for a split second instead of starting at -1.0.

Does Envelope 1 have a hidden smoothing function on it or something that prevents it from being truly 0.0 attack? I don’t see why the two envelopes would function differently if they’re both set up the exact same way on the UI.