Vital on Manjaro - Reaper does not recgonize plugin

I am using Reaper on Manjaro. Native, not the windows one through wine. When I point reaper to the VitalBinaries folder, none of the .so files are recognized. I have tried to run the executable file with super user permissions and nothing happen. I can run Vital windows version through wine, but only as a standalone and everything is clipping. there is not an obvious way to adjust a master volume in that situation. I am assuming there is an extra necessary step but I cant find any info relevant to this situation. Can anyone point me to the relevant commands?

You might consider browsing through this thread: Error while loading shared libraries in RHEL/CentOS 8 and Fedora 33

TLDR if you don’t have libcurl-gnutls installed, then the DAW definitely will not be able to scan and detect the VST plugins.

Did you sort it out yet?