Vital Crash On Closing

I know that there are a lot of users who have encountered this problem. I know one of the reasons that will trigger this Bug is that if the vital is trying to close its window, and it is running on the discrete graphic card(On the laptop with dual GPU). It will freeze. This bug is vital(just adjective, not indicate this software). Since, when most DAW is closing, they will try to close all the plugin windows, and then close the DAW. However, this bug will trigger the whole DAW freeze. And if someone wants to delete the track to eliminate this situation happens forever. That was not fortunate, since deleting the track will closing the Vital window and then trigger this Bug. And some DAWs will always try to reopen all the windows since last time, and users always have a chance to face this Bug again, since the window even cannot close by quitting the whole DAW. … There are lots of situation make this Bug break user experience effectively.
For the most user, this bug could ‘prevent’ from setting the DAW, and Vital always run on the integrated card. Since one of the prerequisites of triggering this bug is running on a discrete graphics card.
However, there are some cases that not everyone can 'prevent this bug in that way. Since the update of version number 2004 for Windows. The Nvidia control panel cannot set the specific program running on a specific card. And the only way is to get the Setting of the windows. >> Display >> Graphic Setting. I try to set it there, the problem could be solved in most cases.
However!, Windows will not always run the program on the specific card even though you do set it explicitly. For example, my laptop has an integrated card, and GTX 1070. If I connect my laptop to an external monitor. The external monitor is actually connected with my GTX 1070. Then all the programs on that screen will run on GTX 1070. The only way to solve this problem is that I do not use the external monitor. This is just one example showing how Windows not seriously following the graphic card setting. There may be other causes that also will make users cannot ‘prevent’ this Bug happen somehow.
Hence, this is definitely a bug need to be solved. There is an approach to ‘prevent’ this happens, but there still might some other reason that makes the cost of prevention is huge. I guess that the reason for this Bug might just be the code on closing the windows with OpenGL part or some other graphic API (Maybe using some deprecated function and not support a dual graphics card.). I am not a graphic developer, but AGAIN, please solve this Bug ASAP, it is VITAL.

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@Tytel plz have a look at it.I’ve been troubled by this problem for sooooo long :frowning:

This is also a bug I’ve been pretty annoyed by recently, too. If any news about this being fixed gets released, lemme know c:

by mentioning GTX1070, I wonder if you are using an external monitor that has Adaptive sync like freesync or G-sync whenever you hook your monitor, in FL Studio I been having that slow down whenever I have so many Vital Synth opened in the screen and even goes in to freezing FL when I have 4-5 instance opened on the screen at the same time, so maybe you wanna check it on Nvidia control panel to disable it and see if it still freaks out or eliminate most of the problem you are having.

So um after so long(OMG it’s tooo long) I did somehow fixed it in a quite different way. The issue is not associating with any hardware problems, it’s just a internet connection error and it’s kinda related to my region: China. To unknown reason it is really hard to directly connect to VITAL’s sever from here, so without a VPN, it is impossible to log in (whether on website or inside the plugin) Upon logged in inside the plugin, it seems that every time when I close VITAL it would try to reach the server, and you know, it’s impossible, it wouldn’t get any response from the server so it stop until it can reach the server and it simply Time Out, and freeze the DAW.
Now I’ve switched my hardware but still not log in to VITAL in plugin, it works just fine. Someone else in my region has reported the same issue, and they did fixed it by uninstall, clean up the regedit, and reinstall, but not log in. I still hope this region internet issue can be fix anyway.