Updating Vital Synth (backup issue resolved, BUT forced back to v1.0.7)

Hey folks,

I wanted to update to the newest version of Vital in order to buy a preset pack that requires it… but there is no way to backup all the third party preset libraries I have in what I believe is Vital 1.0.7.

I can’t even backup a bank of just my user presets… I can only backup individual presets one at a time. The export bank feature doesn’t work at all (in Mac Sierra). It just shows my user presets, and will not export them.

So I’ve read some posts in this forum with others reporting the same thing, and I have not learned any solutions to the problem, so I think I have to install the new version without a backup and just hope that everything goes well. I am concerned about losing my database since I have a lot of third party presets and favorites, but I can’t find any solution to properly prepare for that possibility.

Also, I read that the new version is actually a separate product, so it is not going to overwrite the current one? Is that true!?! In that case I would have to reinstall every third party preset pack from scratch again anyway, so maybe I have to face that task regardless?

I should maybe just not buy this new preset pack and leave things as they are, but I don’t really want to be stuck with this problem indefinitely. I was hoping I could have upgraded Vital in a few minutes and be done with it… and instead I have spent an hour+ trying to figure out how to do this.

I’m not even sure I have the paid version of Vital. I can’t see any indication that I don’t have the paid version, but I don’t remember whether I bought it or not. I thought it was a free download I made a couple of years ago… but I’m not sure if that is why I can’t save banks or not. I do have the new version 1.55 in my account… so I presume that means I have the paid version?

I hope someone has some answers!

Thanks in advance,


If you’re having issues with vitalbanks you can just manually backup all your preset files. They’re stored in a single folder which can be found by right clicking any preset in the browser:
Just copy the folders to another location and voila–you have a backup incase something goes wrong with the installation.

If you really need .vitalbanks to work though, I’ve built an external utility that might be able to help:

There’s no Mac build, so you’ll have to have python on your system (most Macs do already) to run it. There’s also further instructions in the README.

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Oh my gosh!!! Thank you SlavaCat!

This is exactly what I needed to know. I was looking for the preset folder earlier and could not find it and I finally decided it was maybe hidden within the program or something which is why you had to save special banks.

And all that time the location was right under my nose with a simple right click (control-click for some)!

Not only all the presets but all the third party bank folders, etc., in that Vital folder.

I’m quite relieved and can proceed now with the upgrade without any worries.

Much appreciated!


P.S. Apparently I don’t have Python on my Mac, but that’s okay since I don’t really want to do anything fancy. I actually prefer just doing it manually like you showed me. When it’s time to backup I will just copy the full folder of presets and banks.

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Well after all that, the new version 1.5.5 didn’t work on my computer, neither the standalone or the plugin, and indeed none of the other versions either.

I had to go back to my original v 1.0.7 to get everything working again.

I’m glad I have it all back and the way it was before I began this quest this morning, but it is disappointing that after spending 2 hours or so at this today, I am right back at where I started and cannot buy those third party presets I wanted, or probably any other Vital presets from anyone until I have a system that will support the new versions.

It would be A LOT MORE HELPFUL if there were system requirements included on the tabs with the download links. I should have been able to tell at a glance that it wasn’t going to work by reading the system requirements rather than having to go through so many installation experiments.

I kind of love this synth… but I’m stuck indefinitely, I suppose.

[system specs: Mac OS 10.12]

That was 8 months ago. Don’t hold your breath OP, get a new system or get another synth if you want to use preset banks.

anything 10.13 High Sierra or older will be running into trouble across the board.

2013 or older mac products have long reached phase out territory, Chrome I believe has already stopped updating as well as many other apps, I’d be surprised if Netflix can even still run on Safari.

Unless you’ve upgraded the unit, any 2013 mac product has likely an Intel Haswell i3 or i5/i7 cpu or older which are definitely showing their age at this point.

Best of luck, the age of macs lasting 10 years is long over thanks to planned obsolescence.

Source: am owner of many old apple products, worked for apple, computer tech, many hackintoshes, etc. all that stuff.