Support for live retuning via Midi Tuning Standard (MTS) for adaptive tuning systems

Adaptive tuning systems such as Hermode require the ability to dynamically set the frequencies for each midi pitch, i.e. in real-time at runtime, not through a fixed file that specifies the tuning.

That’s why the Midi Tuning Standard was introduced in 1992. Many synths support it, such as the Waldorf Kyra. It supports dynamic retuning via SysEx messages.

It would be really great if Vital could support dynamic retuning via MTS messages :slight_smile:
That would open the door to a lot of new sonic possibilities.

(E.g. my use case is procedural composition (using code to generate midi and automation data) with harmonic exploration, and Vital is a very expressive synth regarding sound design, so I would really like to use it for that.)

The MTS spec can be found here under the link “MIDI Tuning (Updated Specification)” (with more info here).

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  • Adaptive tuning systems:
  • Hermode tuning:
  • MTS SysEx message format:

Mr. Tytel wrote this about Midi stuff. Don´t know so much about midi, but it is probably similar with the sysEx messages.

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