Some noob issues

I’m very stoked to get started with Vital. I watched a few hours of tutorials last night and it’s exactly what I’m looking for as a rock musician trying to make some very fine-tuned some keyboard VSTs. I am running into some issues though:

  1. I can’t find a manual or documentation. Is there any?

  2. I’m following this tutorial by Eric Bowman, in which he drags Macro 1 to the waveform table to assign it. When he plays a note, the macro changes the waveform table position, but when I do the same thing, the waveform table position doesn’t move and the sound remains a single tone. The macro does appear to be assigned though. A keypress just doesn’t modify it as time passes. How to: Realistic Brass (tuba, euphonium, trombone, horn, trumpet) in Vital - Synthesis Tutorial - YouTube

  3. I’m trying to get a link to the private discord to get more help. I’m on the 5$ plan. I went to “Edit Profile” to request the discord link, but I received no link in Discord. This could be my ineptitude because this is my first time using Discord. But I now I have no way to request the link. When I go to “Edit Profile”, the only option I have is to delete my account.


  1. There is no ‘full’ or ‘official’ documentation
  2. The Macro has an external MIDI assignment. 1.5.x versions give an indicator (green circle) when this is happening. You can right click any parameter to link it to a knob on a midi controller.
  3. Discord Server Link - #2 by SlavaCat
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Great, thank you!