Program changes

I have an oldlaptop that cannot do OpenGL 3.0 but I see that Vital can run as headless.
It would be great to use it as a sound-module and use program changes.
Is this supported? I am not sure I did something wrong but it looks like Vital does not react to program changes.


I would also love to use MIDI program change from controllers to scroll through presets.

Same here ! No program, Bank changes when sending midi message with Digitakt

I wonder what implementation would be best.
I would love to be also able to use bank select message to select categories or packs ideally.
Maybe something like this would need to be configurable through a separate config file, where you would associate category/artist filter entries certain to bank numbers.

Yes I would give a vote for this too. I wrote a comprehensive controller for helm (using touchOSC) where it was possible access patches and banks, but haven’t managed to get anything for vital working (yet).

It’s a really good idea to get a GigPerformer “live DAW” to run these things.

UP i’d like to have program changes for livesets too. Almost mandatory.

Just to share, this was Matt’s response back in January to this issue: