Notes sustain forever?

Whenever I program or play into vital, the last note plays forever. It can’t be stopped unless I hit stop in my DAW. This will happen even after I program MIDI and let my DAW run. Currently not usable this way, which is a shame because I want to use some of the sounds without manually ducking the volume.

Some info:
I am Running Ableton Live Lite 10 on a Windows 10 64 bit machine
Running Vital basic

There are several ways to get rid of them:

  • some hosts might send a reset when using the host transport start/stop
  • some hosts might have some kind of “panic” button or feature to send an “all notes off” message to plugins
  • in u-he plugins you can select another preset, or reload the current preset to stop most stuck notes
  • you can also change the voice mode (e.g. from poly to mono and back) to stop stuck notes
  • you could also change the number of voices in the plugin to stop those dreaded notes
  • or use MIDI CC123 to send an all notes off command to the plugin
  • if nothing else helps, reload the plugin

source: (u-he)

Is there a fix for this yet? Still having the issue and have tried all the recommended steps.

Stuck notes are caused by a plugin receiving a note on message but not a note off message.

How are you triggering notes in Vital? By a midi keyboard, your computer keyboard, notes in a piano roll or ?

What operating system, DAW etc?

Midi keyboard recorded into notes on the piano roll, 2021 Macbook Pro with MacOS Monterey and Logic Pro latest version, and it doesn’t happen with any other instrument plugins.

Does it happen if you run Vital as a standalone, or only in Logic? Does it happen on all Vital patches?

Is your Mac an M1 system? (I don’t own a Mac so don’t know that much about them).

If so then you might find some useful information in this thread:

It is, thanks for the link ill check it out