GUI for Vital opens but is blank

Never got an answer back from you or guidance on anything to check, so I bought a cheap new video card (MSI GT GeForce 710) and this works fine. $35 solution, although it took me all afternoon fussing with drivers and installation issues. Ableton wrote me back saying they did not have any issues when they tried it and suggested I try reinstalling Live (I had put it in custom directories). I never tried that since Windows would wipe it out if it crashed and my backups never seem to get 100% of the C drive.

Hello everyone, it took me a long time to find the solution to this, and I come to share my joy, everything is in the following link that not only works with Vital but with many other plugins. I hope it will be of great help.

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I’ll try it sometime thankyou… not sure if i can wrap my brain around it at the moment

welp, its been like this since a week ago, i think ill have to replace vital with something else. problem is, there is nothing like vital :frowning:

I’m wondering if it might be your video card?
There are some threads in the forum talking about problems with video cards.

I cant debug this, the program has no log or debuggin tools, i cant even say what it is. at first i thought it was an excess of vital instances but now i know its not, i akso thought about vram but its not, only thing left is something with flstudio or windows 23h2

Do you have more than 1 Vital open, if so try closing some of them.

vram has nothing to do with it because i was running vital on a 10 year old i5 with intel cpu graphics, and on linux. i had my share of problems in the beginning, but i sorted them out. i wonder if you have a thumb drive handy that you can drop a Ventoy on it and drop in a linux live ISO to just see if your system is fine or if its the drivers. a little bit of work, i know, but that’s what i would do because i’m loony tunes.

I just did, its not the solution + i need multiple instances because i make music, i dont play with vital only, i need multiple instances to run a bassline, a subbass a lead a shimmer etc, so it was not happening before, it suddently started to happen, im going to call fl studio support and see what can come forward from it.

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Im going to go back on nvidia drivers and see if there is something colliding with it.

You can have a hundred of Vitals in your project but in FL Studio you can not have them all open at once because there will be some blank GUIs, and why would you have more than 3 GUIs open at once ?
And what did FLStudio support say ?