FREE Vital presets for EDM & Bass Music

Hello guys

I’ve made a FREE Vital presets pack for EDM and Bass Music. Originally the pack had 20 presets, but recently I updated the soundbank and so now there’s 60 presets in total. You’ll find a little bit of everything, from dubstep basses & glitchy sounds to some carefully crafted arps and pluck sounds. I’m more of a bass music/dubstep producer, so you’ll find a fair amount of sounds for that in this pack. Feel free to check out the pack if you’re into EDM music in general, I’ve put a considerable amount of time & effort into making this free product for other producers.

Download here:



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I could not use both sites to be a part of so i was not able to DL them. I got youtube to work thats it,

Beware that the site linked above will- upon linking to your SoundCloud account- begin using it to spam your stream and will auto-like the site’s profile, which is one of those “get more SoundCloud follows with bots!” spam sites.

I am not sure how to report a post via this site, or I would suggest it be taken down by moderators.

Click on the three dots to the left of Reply and you’ll see a flag icon which you can use to report the post.

This is click bait folks. No free presets here.