Different unison modes

Would be nice to see different unison modes in Vital like the ones from Live’s Wavetable, and maybe completely new ones.

Wavetable’s unison modes DEMO

Vital does have different unison modes. They can be accessed by going to the Advanced Tab and clicking on STACK

You can further edit the unison by changing the values of the nobs on the right. Using LFO’s you can get some cool results.

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Also if you click and drag on the unison graphic (underneath the “UNISON” label) on the main page voice page you can change the spacing of the unison which covers some of the modes you want i think.


I was messing around trying to figure out if there was something similar in Vital before making the request, but I can’t seem to get the noise mode like the one in Wavetable… Maybe I just don’t know how to use this section lol